Parliament is an installation that comprises of twenty-five rooks that run amok within an installed office space. The birds are created from black baling plastic, straw and wire. This work is inspired by a residency which took place in winter 2006 at Cillrailaig Artists Retreat in the west of Ireland.

"After two days of sitting bone idle, and anxious at not knowing what to do with myself in this cold windy part of the country; dark flickering shapes began to emerge from out of the corner of my eye as I stared through the window. Black plastic snagged upon barbed wire and surrounding trees began to conjure shapes, mischievous and sinister, taking the form of windswept crows and rooks. Observing the behavior of these birds, it seemed natural that their cries should merge with the voices of those in a position of power and influence as they debate within the theatre of flock mayhem."