Winter 2023

Man on Fire: A Contemporary Monument to the Horror of War at Imperial War Museum North

The Imperial War Museum North is hard to miss; it has become an iconic part of the Salford Quays skyline since it was built on an old bombsite in 2002. Man on Fire is now permanently sited outside the aluminium clad museum, with its jutting angular shards representing a globe fractured by war.  read more

Summer 2023

Man on Fire Launch at Imperial War Museum North

Man on Fire, now cast in bronze and in the final stages of production will go on permanent public display as the IWM’s latest acquisition from 20th July 2023. Originally shaped by photographs of a soldier diving from a burning tank, Man on Fire bears witness to the universal horror of war. Primarily based on images of the Iraq War, it was also inspired by photographs of the 2007 Glasgow Airport attack and by memories of the Troubles in Northern Ireland.  Read More

Winter 2022

Casting a Dark Democracy, DOX Centre for Contemporary Art, Prague

Casting a Dark Democracy will be on show at DOX Centre for Contemporary Art in Prague, as part of an exhibition entitled The Pain of Others from 8th December 2022 to 16th April 2023. Susan Sontag's famous essay Regarding the Pain of Others (2003) offers a profound rethinking of images of pain, horror, and atrocity. It poses an important question: how is it possible to communicate unimaginable suffering to those who have not experienced it themselves?  Read More

Summer 2022

The Burning of Lifting the Curse

Last year Lifting the Curse was created and placed in the Royal Academy, in response to the curse issued to the 'Royal Academy and all its members' by the artist duo Gilbert and George (reported in The Times 12th February 2021). In early January the figure was transported from London and placed in the loft of Anima Mundi Gallery, as part of a solo exhibition Fág an Bealach (Clear the Way), there it waited out the winter.  Read More

Autumn 2021

Royal Academy Summer Exhibition Featured Works

Last week, The Royal Academy opened its doors to the Summer Exhibition which is entitled Re-claiming Magic. It's co-ordinator Yinka Shonibare RA writes that the exhibition celebrates the transformative powers of the magical in art and a return to the ritualistic.  Read More

Winter 2020

Royal Academy Summer Exhibition

On display at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, which is taking place in Winter for the first time ever, HEAD II has been gaining attention. Articles in the Guardian, Evening Standard and numerous online publications have picked it out as an exhibition favourite.  Read More

Summer 2020

Man On Fire To Be Acquired By Imperial War Museum

We are delighted to announce that the Imperial War Museum will be acquiring Tim’s monumental sculpture Man On Fire to be permanently installed at the Imperial War Museum North in front of the museum’s Libeskind building near Manchester.  Read More

Summer 2019


This week is the last chance to explore the Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy - ending on the 12th of August.  Read More

Winter 2018

BEYOND REASON at the San Diego Museum of Art

Beyond Reason opened on 20th October at the San Diego Museum of Art (SDMA) recieving large audiences and wide acclaim, with numerous US articles including radio and TV appearances.  Read More